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Employees Complaining Of Head And Eye Aches? It Could Be Your Lighting

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If many of your employees complain of bad headaches and eye pain, you may blame it on a cold or virus. But your employees' health problems could be due to the lighting in your building. Your commercial lighting should be sufficient enough to allow your staff to work without straining their eyes or becoming overly tired. If your lighting isn't right, it could affect your staff's vision. Here are reasons to upgrade or change your building's lighting now.

How Does Poor Lighting Affect Vision?

Eye discomfort and headaches are common problems in offices today. Although most problems occur from poor posture, eyestrain and headaches can also occur from insufficient lighting. Poor lighting can be just as harmful to your staff's vision as the light emitted from their computer screens and other electronics.

Poor lighting can occur from several things, including using the wrong types of light bulbs. You may use overly bright bulbs or fixtures to brighten up your offices. However, bulbs that emit too much light may cause more harm than good.

Bright light can create glares across your computer screens. The eyes can't process too much light properly. Your employees may try to adjust to the bright light by squinting their eyes or leaning forward to their computers. Squinting can eventually lead to head and eye strain.

If you change your lighting to something more staff-friendly, you may be able to keep your employees' vision safe.

How Do You Improve Your Building's Lighting?

First, contact a commercial lighting company and request assistance. A lighting company can help you choose light bulbs and other fixtures that work best in your building, including LED and halogen.

LED lighting is the most useful type of lighting to use in office buildings and other commercial structures. LED bulbs fit well in factories, newspaper operators, accounting firms, and other businesses that need to pay close attention to fine detail. Halogen lighting may work well for your building if you specialize in art, photography, and similar activities.

A commercial lighting supplier will generally provide their customers with a list of products they offer. You may also be able to choose different fixtures for your lighting, such as wall dimmers and wall packs. If you need further assistance with your decision, speak to a supplier right away.

You can find the commercial lighting you need for your building by reaching out to a commercial lighting installation service near you today.