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Three Remodeling Ideas To Make Your Gallery Kitchen Stand Out

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Galley kitchens may sometimes seem small, but that doesn't mean your kitchen can't shine. If you are looking to remodel your space but aren't sure what to do with the kitchen, here are a few options to consider.

Open Cabinets

A galley kitchen can feel closed in with long rows of solid cabinet doors. Instead, consider a few different open cabinet options. Shelves about the sink can provide great storage for frequently used items, such as dish soap and kitchen towels. Cabinets with glass doors provide a wonderful view of your best serving pieces. You can choose frosted glass panels for your bottom cabinets, which can give a bright look without exposing all the items stored inside. Work with your contractor to find a unique set of designs you can combine to create the perfect look for your shelves, upper cabinets, and lower cabinets.

Light Colors

Light colors can help a space feel big and bright, so avoid dark wood finishes and counters. Crisp white cabinets and light gray marble can create an upscale look, while light wood finishes for a country decor theme can provide the look you want without making the space look fresh and new. If you prefer not to use white paint on empty walls, consider a bright yellow or light gray to match with the rest of your new kitchen design. If you do choose to go with dark cabinets, consider a two-tone design with dark doors and white cabinets to create a unique look. Extend the light color concept to the floor by choosing a crisp white or light beige tile floor. If you prefer wood, consider a blonde hardwood floor to accent the natural beauty of your kitchen.

Bright Lighting

As with light colors, adding bright lights to the kitchen can help make the space feel bigger. Under-cabinet lighting adds brilliant illumination to your food prep area, and it makes your kitchen feel a bit more open. If your kitchen lacks windows, consider this option to make up for the lack of natural sunlight. Pair the under-cabinet lights with recessed lighting above the top cabinets to help prevent the space from looking too dark at night. Have your contractor install lights that can be repositioned, and aim the light at the cabinets instead of the center of the kitchen to give your space a professional appearance. If your home is a single-story dwelling, consider working with your contractor to install skylights. This brings natural light into the kitchen, bringing that bright look you want without adding extra lighting to the space.

Reach out to a kitchen remodeling contractor to learn more.