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Tips For First-Time Frameless Shower Door Installers

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If you've been planning a bathroom remodel, you might be considering installing a frameless shower system. Before you tackle a project like this yourself, there are a few things you definitely need to know. In fact, even if you're looking to work with a remodeling contractor, there are things that you should discuss with him or her. Here are a couple of key factors to think about as you plan your installation.

The Shower Needs Support

In most cases, the frame around your shower doors will provide much of the support that the structure needs. However, when you opt for a frameless shower door, you lose that structural support in the traditional design. As a result, you need to factor in some under-structure support to keep your shower stable. Depending on the size of the shower stall you're putting in, you may need to have one or more two-by-four beams installed below it to provide that stability.

You May Want A Lip

Depending on how you're installing the shower, you may want a lip installed at the base of the shower to help keep water inside. If you need the shower to be accessible for those with mobility issues, you can skip this and add some extra waterproofing to prevent any leaks, but otherwise, you may find that having the lip and the stand-in base will help you to keep water contained in the shower stall.

Focus On Your Installation Angles

When working with frameless shower door installation, you need to be sure that the walls are perfectly vertical and the intersecting angles are secured. Otherwise, you risk binding in the door and the potential for leaks behind the walls. If you are installing it yourself, ensure that each wall is vertical by testing it with a level or a laser light.

Place The Shower Head Carefully

One of the biggest mistakes many novice installers can make is to put the shower head in a location where the spray aims directly at the door. Try to avoid this if at all possible because it can lead to a real mess getting in or out when the shower is running. Instead, put the shower head somewhere where it points either at the tile floor or the walls away from the door.

These are a few of the key considerations when it comes to frameless shower door installations and design. Talk with a bathroom remodeling contractor today for more tips and to schedule your remodel.