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When Is It Best To Lease A Crane Instead Of Buying One?

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Whether it is a construction business you own of some sort or some other operation, there are a lot of pieces of equipment that can be handy to have in your repertoire of tools, and a crane is definitely one of them. Designed to make hoisting heavy objects an easier feat, cranes have all kinds of purposes and uses.

However, buying a crane for your business operation is not cheap. In fact, one crane purchase could set you back a lot of money. Thankfully, you do have the option to lease a crane instead of buying one, but when do you know it is best to lease a crane over buying? Here's a look at what you need to know. 

Lease a crane if you are only certain about short-term usage. 

You are faced with a particular upcoming project and you know you will need a crane. However, you are not really sure when you will need another crane down the road. If this is the situation you are in as a business owner, it is definitely more logical to lease a crane than it is to buy one. Because a crane is such a major investment, it is not logical to purchase the equipment for ownership when you are not certain about how often you will need the equipment in the future.  

Lease a crane if your owned crane is being repaired. 

When a piece of heavy equipment as large as a crane goes down for maintenance or repairs, it can be down for a while. These things are pretty massive in size and the parts necessary for repairs and maintenance may have to be shipped in from far-off distributors. If the crane you already own is down for maintenance, it is definitely a good idea to lease a crane for the short term. 

Lease a crane if it makes business sense to do so. 

Say, for example, you are in the commercial construction business, and you pick up a project several states away from your home location that requires the use of a crane to hoist trusses onto the top of the building. Hailing a crane can be a highly expensive endeavor, especially if the haling distance is great. Sometimes, it will make more sense to lease a crane from a local crane leasing company temporarily simply because it costs so much to have your own crane taken to a long-distance job site.