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Three Reasons To Have Your Chimney Cleaned Today

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If you're like many homeowners, you may neglect having your chimney cleaned on a regular basis. In general, it is something you should have done once a year. The following are a few of the most important reasons you need to keep your chimney clean.

A clean chimney reduces the chance of fire

Many homeowners are unaware of the issue with fire due to a dirty chimney. Although there are several reasons, the main cause, depending upon what you are burning, is the tar or soot build-up inside the chimney. This build-up of material reaches a certain mass when it begins to store heat. As the temperature of the material rises, it will ignite, and the flames can create a fire hazard to your roof or the inside of your home. The fire can destroy any type of lining you may have inside the chimney. The fumes from the inside of the chimney can easily make their way into your home. These fumes are a hazard to your health, including the chance of death from carbon monoxide poisoning.

It removes all of the clutter

There is often a lot of debris in a chimney. Leave are a big problem, but birds can find a way to nest in a chimney. Debris like this can catch fire, and although the fire may not be enough to spread to your home, it can often create enough smoke to cause smoke damage inside your home. This situation usually occurs the first time you make a fire when the weather turns cold. At that point, the smoke damage has already taken place. A chimney cleaner can remove all debris, and while the work is being done, any screens you have on your chimney can be inspected to make sure there are no holes in, or they have come loose.

It keeps the chimney from bad odors

As the inside of your chimney builds up soot and tar, the rain and humidity will begin to create a sticky material with a bad odor. If you keep your chimney clean, you are less likely to experience this.

Although the best time to have your chimney cleaned is the summer or early fall, before the weather turns cold, weather permitting, you can have your chimney cleaned any time of the year. So if you haven't had your chimney clean in a while, you should make an appointment today. Companies such as Allstate Chimney Service can help you with this.