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How A Tote Heater Can Decrease Your Warehouse Heating Costs

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You've probably gotten sick of paying huge heating bills for your chemical warehouses. It probably feels like it's money just flying out of your pocket, which is unfortunately very true. However, tote heaters can help save you money by directly warming your chemical storage tanks and decreasing your need for excessive warehouse heating.

The Energy Wasting Problem Inherent With Warehouses

Chemical warehouses require a fairly high level of heat in order to keep the chemicals at their proper liquid temperature. As a result, you may be spending more money than you'd like to keep your warehouse warm. It is estimated that the average warehouse spends about $0.70 per square foot on energy, including half for natural gas or heating needs.

The reasons for this are fairly obvious: warehouses are large and very open areas. It requires a lot of heat output to keep them at an acceptable temperature. If the chemicals in your tank drop below their optimum temperature, they will flow from their tanks slowly or even freeze up. Even worse, they may expand in side of your tank and cause burst pipes.

The Power Of A Tote Heater

If you've never heard of a tote heater, you're likely going to like what you hear. They are small wrap heaters that will literally cover the exterior of your tank. They will focus heat directly on the tank surface to keep it at the proper temperature. They are fully adjustable and can be applied to tanks of various sizes, making them very adaptable.

Applying tote heaters to your chemical tanks will allow you to warm the tanks directly, decreasing the need for excessive heat in your warehouse. You can decrease the heat to a temperature which is comfortable for your workers and let your tote heaters do the heavy lifting when it comes to heating up your tanks.

Operating A Tote Heater

Depending on the model of tote heater you purchase, using it one will vary in multiple ways. The basic steps involve installing the heading fluid in your tote heater storage tank, carefully wrapping it around the sides of your tank, holding it down with straps or attachment cords, and then turning the heater on to a level which is appropriate for your tanks.

Naturally, you are going to have purchase one that fits your tank appropriately, so make sure to measure the size of the tank, including the diameter, before making your order with a tote heater provider. Most tote heaters are adjustable to a certain level, so you can increase or decrease the wrap length as needed to cover your tank.

While tote heaters can have a fairly high initial investment cost, they pay for themselves over time by allowing you to decrease the heating needs of your warehouse and increase its efficiency. They can also be adapted for heating outdoor tanks, if needed, making them more than worth the investment.