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Types Of Drywall Mud

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When you have a drywall project at home, you may head out to your local home improvement store for supplies. Seeing row after row of different types of drywall mud can be confusing, and it can be hard to determine which type to buy to get the job done. Continue reading to learn more about the different drywall mud options on the market:

Quick-Setting Drywall Mud

Quick-setting drywall mud is sold in powder form and comes in a plastic lined paper bag. This type of packaging is to ensure that the powder does not come in contact with any moisture. Once water is added, a chemical reaction begins and the drywall mud begins to set. How fast quick-setting drywall mud hardens depends on which type you buy-- the packaging will say how many minutes it takes for a formula to harden. In most cases, quick-setting drywall mud is gray in color when it is applied to a wall; you will know that it is completely dry when it becomes white.

This type of drywall mud is often used for small jobs, such as patching drywall. Many people find it very convenient because the fast hardening and drying time means that you don't have to wait a day to apply a second coat. Contractors also often use quick-setting drywall mud as a base layer over tape in order to shorten the length of time it takes to finish a drywall job.

Pre-Mixed Drywall Mud

Pre-mixed drywall mud usually comes in large plastic buckets and is ready to use, although you may want to add a small amount of water to thin the mixture slightly. When shopping for pre-mixed drywall mud, you may see the following kinds:

All- Purpose: As the name implies, this type of drywall mud is very versatile. The compounds used to make all-purpose drywall mud create a type of glue that works very well in bedding tape along drywall seams. It is commonly used as a first layer in different types of drywall projects.Some contractors prefer to use all-purpose drywall mud exclusively because of its strength and durability. 

Light-Weight All-Purpose: Light-weight all-purpose drywall mud contains fewer gluing agents, so it is used in different ways than traditional all-purpose drywall mud. In most cases, light-weight all-purpose drywall mud is used in corner beads. It is also often the product of choice for a top-coat on drywall projects because of how easy it is to sand down. 

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