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3 Ways To Make A Comfortable Outdoor Fireplace Setting This Fall

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Designing your backyard to be an enjoyable place to spend time during all the seasons can be challenging. If you're eager to make your backyard comfortable with a fireplace designed for the outdoors, you'll need to consider what other changes must be made to accommodate it. Instead of simply getting a fireplace installed, setting up a few chairs, and calling it done, take some time to look into the following changes that you could make to your yard.

Consider Adding Fences or Panels to Block the Wind

If you live in a windy area or if your backyard is open and exposed to wind, it's much more likely that you'll get too cold to spend time outside when the temperature begins to drop. A great way to make your outdoor space warmer with the addition of a fireplace is by adding fencing or panels that can help block the wind. Without a wind chill, the fireplace will be able to keep a fire roaring, and you won't need to worry about it getting too chilly while sitting around the fire.

Opt for a Fireplace That's Safe to Use Next to the House

If you're worried about your fireplace being too far from your home and getting cold while walking to and from the fireplace setting, it's a smart idea to get the fireplace installed closer to the side of your home. By having the fireplace put in at a much closer distance, you can feel better knowing that it's not a long walk and that you can stay cozy when going outside to enjoy it.

When choosing a fireplace, you'll want to make sure to pick one out that is safe to use close to your home and won't have any added fire risks.

Keep Nearby Landscaping to a Minimum

As you prepare for landscaping your home, it's vital that you make sure to avoid any landscaping that could easily catch fire. Taller trees and shrubs that are planted a good distance away from your fireplace can help ensure that you stay comfortable and your surroundings won't accidentally catch fire.

Taking your time planning out the location of your new fireplace can make all the difference in the final look and the ease of using it. Talk to a contractor like Alpine Fireplaces and keep the above tips in mind to get an outdoor fireplace that will keep you warm during fall and even winter.