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Trendy Choices For Your Kitchen Remodel

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Remodeling your kitchen carries with it several duties, such as saving up the money and finding a reputable contractor. From there, you often plan your design according to utilitarian needs, such as storage or food preparation space. However, the goal of a kitchen makeover is to actually update the room as well. Add some of the current kitchen trends to your remodel job.

Grayscale Palette

White is a classic for the kitchen, and cheerful hues will always be in style. However, gray has become a trendy color for the kitchen palette. Gray can be as versatile as white or even more so, as the undertones can range from warm to cool. Neutral gray can showcase the rich woodwork in your kitchen or provide a backdrop for a chic modern style. Utilize marble or granite with charcoal in the coloration, and include the shade in both the flooring and backsplash.

Upcycled Backsplash

Speaking of backsplashes, going eco-friendly is always on-trend. One option for your backsplash is to utilize salvaged tile. However, Home and Garden TV describes a more creative option – making a mosaic out of antique wood. Contractors used boat wood, which requires neither grout nor sealant because it's already been treated to be water-proof.

Colorful Sinks

You can never go wrong with a stainless steel drop-in sink. A white, farm-style sink is a charming update with its wide apron front. However, apron-front sinks now come in different colors such as green, yellow, red and blue. Such a sink can be a pretty addition to a country kitchen, or it can add pop art appeal to a mod design.

High-Tech Range

Time was electric ranges were the newest trend because everyone had been cooking with gas. These days, induction cooking is the new trend. Induction cooktops heat using an electromagnetic field, which makes the cooking much speedier. Some range models even feature touch-and-swipe controls. Inspired by smartphones, these controls allow you to use a fingertip to precisely adjust the heat on the control board.

French Door Oven

The classics never go away – designers just find new uses for them. French doors have always been a chic addition to any room. Now it's possible to select ovens with French door fronts. These work well with ovens built into the wall. They're even preferable because opening French doors takes up less space than a traditional pull-down door. You can even open just one of the doors to peek in on your cooking dinner.

Whether you go ultra-modern with a high-tech range or retro with an upcycled backsplash, choose a kitchen update that keeps your remodel on-trend.