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Insulate Your Doors For Winter Now With These Easy Suggestions

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With fall wrapping up, right now is a great time to insulate your doors before winter hits. Doors are one of the biggest areas where houses lose energy. Keep the heat inside of your house this winter by making sure that all of your doors are well insulated. 

Block The Draft At The Bottom Of Your Door

The first thing you need to do is block the draft at the bottom of your door. You can do this using either a permanent method or a temporary method, or a combination of the two.  

Temporary Fix

For a temporary fix, you can put something across the bottom of your door to keep the draft out. A flexible object works best. For example, you can roll up and place towels across the bottom of your door, or you can use some old sheets. You can also use something more solid if you like, such as a two-by-four or a long cardboard box.

The biggest downside to this temporary fix is that you'll have to move these items and put them back into place every time you open and close your door. This fix works best for doors that you don't use that often. 

Permanent Fix

If you want to keep the cold out for good, you can install draft guards across the bottom of your doors. You can pick up draft guards at your local hardware store. Draft guards are essentially strips of foam that you can slide over the bottom of your door. They will ensure that your door is sealed all the way and that no air gets in. They are also easy to remove and replace.

If you want something a little more sturdy, you can install a door sweep. Door sweeps raise up when you open your door, and seal the gap between the floor and door when the door is shut. There are many different varieties of door sweeps; some just slide right onto the bottom of your door and others need to be screwed into place.

Block The Air At The Side Of Your Door

Next, you need to block the air that comes in through the sides of your doors as well. In order to block the air that comes in through the side of your door, you need to purchase some self-adhesive weatherseal. You can purchase this at your local dollar store, if you are short on money, or you can purchase higher quality weather seals at your local hardware store.

All you have to do is measure the side of your door and then cut the weather strip down to size. Once you have the size right, just remove the adhesive strip and stick it to the inside edge of your door. They will help keep your door sealed.

You can easily seal up your doors and keep heat from escaping this winter using a variety of the methods listed above. You'll notice a lot less cold air seeping into your house after you seal your doors.

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