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How To Fix Warped Soffit Boards

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Wooden soffit and fascia boards need to be secure and level for a number of reasons. Aesthetically, the fascia board needs to be secure and level so it creates a straight visual line along the roof. The soffit needs be securely attached as well because the gutter system hangs from it. Furthermore, the soffit and fascia are attached to each other. So, if one is in disrepair, the other is likely to need repair. This article explains how to secure a warped soffit board so it does not fall down.

Identifying Rotting Soffit Boards

Since soffit boards are made out of wood, they can become seriously damaged and weakened when they get waterlogged. Since the soffit sits horizontally, water on the top side can sit and soak into the board. So, even the smallest leak through the roof can cause problems with your soffit. The problem is that you cannot see the water damage since you can only see the underside of the board. To identify water damage you should look for warping. Also, look for separation along the seam with the fascia board.

Securing the Soffit

If there is severe warping you should just remove the board completely. If the warping is mild, you should just reinforce the soffit by adding screws to the studs. You will need a stud finder so identify and mark the studs. A 3" screw (or two) in each stud will add a lot of strength to your soffit. Then, you should recaulk the seams where the soffit meets the walls and where it meets the fascia boards. This will secure the soffit and make it more waterproof. It also prevents termites and rodents from making a home inside your eaves.

Drilling Drainage Holes

Finally, to make sure you don't have further soffit warping, you can drill some basic drainage holes. Try using a 1" drill bit and make a couple of holes every few feet. Measure the holes so they are evenly spaced between the each stud. You can get tiny drain fittings that you can pop right into the hole. This will allow some ventilation inside the eave and a drainage point for water. However, if you are getting water in your eaves, you will need to find the leak on your roof and fix it as as possible. With a stronger soffit board, your roof line will look better, but it will also be more secure, waterproof and resistant to pests.

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