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How To Seal An Asphalt Driveway

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Sealing your driveway is a good way to protect it from the spread of cracks and damage. The sealant will bond to the driveway and form a seal so that it glues together all the cracks, chips and loose bits of asphalts to hold them in place. Sealing a driveway is relatively easy and can be done yourself to save a few extra dollars. Here is a step-by-step guide to teach you how to seal a driveway.

1 – Start by taking a bucket and filling it with warm water and a couple table spoons of dish soap. Then take a hard bristled scrub brush and wash the entire surface of driveway. This will clear away any dirt that could come in between the sealant from forming a proper bond with the asphalt.

2 – Take a pressure washer and wash off any remaining stains on the driveway and clear away all the soap and water. For tough stains, you can apply more pressure by getting closer to the asphalt with the hose to ensure that everything gets removed. Let the driveway air dry afterward before proceeding to the next step.

3 - Take a broom and brush away all the loose debris that may still remain on the driveway before you seal. The loose debris will still break off the driveway after the driveway is sealed, and when it does, it will create a hole in the seal that can cause cracks.

4 – If there are any remaining cracks, fill them with driveway crack filler and then smooth it out with a spade. Make sure you give the filler a full twenty-four hours to dry before you apply the asphalt sealant.

5 - Mix together the driveway sealant and apply it to the asphalt using a roller. Start at the area of the driveway closest to the garage door and make your way toward the back, covering the entire surface area of the asphalt. Let the asphalt sealant dry so that you can touch it without getting any on you.

6 – When the first coat is dry to touch, you can apply a second coat of asphalt sealant on the top of the first one in the same steps outlined in step 5. Let the second coat dry for a full twenty-four hours without anyone walking on it or driving on the asphalt.

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