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Why Laminated Wood Floors Are So Popular

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There are a number of smart reasons to invest in hardwood floors. They offer a traditional style that looks great in any room. However, not all hardwood floors are the same. Many people are turning to laminated hardwood floors because they are much cheaper and easier to maintain than custom or raw hardwood floors. This article discusses why laminated wood floors are such a smart choice for most homeowners.

The Look of Laminated Wood Floors

To be clear, laminated floors do have hardwood in them. The top, visible layer is made out the same hardwood in custom and raw hardwood floors.  The difference is that laminated floors are made out of thin veneers of wood, with only the top layer using a quality hardwood. The lower layers are made out of cheaper and lighter composite wood. This makes them much more affordable and easier to install.

Another big difference between laminated floors and custom hardwood floors is the fact clear coat on top. Of course, laminated floors have an epoxy laminate that is waterproof and scratch resistant. This is a great alternative to raw hardwood floors which are just stained. The stain is not perfectly waterproof, and it needs to be reapplied every few years. This is an expensive and inconvenient project—a big reason that some people are turned off of raw hardwood floors.

So, you can achieve all of the same looks with laminate floors. You can choose between a wide range of different woods and stain colors. You never need to worry about this if you choose laminated wood floors instead.

Laminated Floors are Easy to Install

Laminated floors are the most affordable to install. In fact, they are built with a model design. They engineered so consumer can self-install. This obviously hugely decreases the overall cost of installation if you do it yourself. The installation is simple because they have tongue and groove system that allows them to be attached very easily.

The fact that laminated floors are thinner and more flexible also makes them easy to install. They can be installed over existing subfloors without needing to make it perfectly flat. The planks can bend over existing imperfections. You do not need to refinish your subfloor and grind down every small bump.

Laminated floors (available form companies like Builders Flooring) are certainly the best option for property owners who want a product that is low maintenance, stylish, durable and easy to self-install.