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How To Control Mosquitoes Around Your Home

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Mosquitoes are those pesky insects that make barbecues, picnics, campfires and every other outdoor activity a little less fun. You can spray repellent on yourself to help prevent those blood suckers from attacking you and making you itch for days, but there are other things you can also be doing to help control the mosquito population around your home. See below for a few tips on how to control mosquitoes around your yard.

Clean Up Standing Water

Standing water is a mosquito's best friend. It's where mosquitoes breed, creating swarms of these insects. Clean up the standing water in and around your yard. If you see standing water after a rain storm, be sure to empty the water out. If you have a pond, bird baths or water barrels, it can be difficult to keep mosquitoes out of these areas. You can either set these away from your home, and away from where you entertain, or you can add mosquito repellent floating rings to these areas. The floating repellents will prevent mosquitoes, just be sure they are not affecting the fish in your pond, or birds coming to your bird bath.

Add Plants

There are plants you can add to your yard that help repel mosquitoes. Plants such as:

  • Rosemary
  • Lemon grass
  • Citronella geranium
  • Lavender
  • Marigolds
  • Catnip

These plants can add beauty to your yard, while also repelling those pesky mosquitoes. Plant them around your patio, or in planters that you can set anywhere.

Make A Homemade Mosquito Trap

Make your very own mosquito trap using an empty 2-liter bottle and a few ingredients. Simply take off the lid, cut the top 2/3 of the bottle off and set the top aside. Add 1/3 cup of brown sugar to 1 cup of hot water. Allow it to dissolve and then cool down. Add this to the bottle, along with one single packet of yeast. Turn the bottle top upside down and insert it back into the bottle, so the very top of the bottle is pointing down (almost like a funnel). Wrap the bottle with a dark colored tape and set it wherever you see mosquitoes. The yeast and sugar attracts mosquitoes and the bottle keeps them trapped inside.

Mosquitoes are a pain, but they shouldn't keep you from going outside and enjoying those warm evenings with family and friends. If the mosquito swarms have become so bad around your home, it may be time to call out an exterminator like Bug Busters Inc for help.