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Here's Your Sign: How To Hire A Sign Professional Who Captures Your Vision

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Having a professional sign can be a great way to spend your advertising dollars. It gives your business validity and visibility and can communicate a lot about your business. Alternatively, it can be a detriment to project the wrong image for your company. Hiring the right sign professional is important, but how do you know you're paying for quality? Here are a few tips.

Ask to See Their Portfolio

A proud professional will be happy to show you their work. Making signs can be an art form just like tattooing or auto body design. By asking to see work the sign maker has completed in the past you will get a pretty good idea of their design skills and their capabilities. If you don't like what you see, that doesn't mean you've found a bad sign maker, but it does mean that professional probably isn't the one you want to hire.

Ask Them to Make You a Draft

A draft in the sign world is exactly what it was when you were in middle school. It's a rough estimate of what the finished product will look like when the work is complete. You'll get a pretty good idea of whether your sign maker has gleaned your vision for your sign. Did they get the color palette right? Did they make good use of negative space? Does the sign accurately reflect what you want to project to the world about your business or service? The sign maker may require payment for this service, because they are putting in a significant time investment and offering you a glimpse of what they will do for you, but it is well worth it to make sure you're paying for what you want.

Make Sure You Order the Right Materials

Signs can be made out of a lot of things. Metal, glass, wood, and plastic, just to name a few. Where will your sign be displayed? What is the weather like where your sign will hang? Will the wind be whipping sand at it, or will extremes in hot or cold put fragile materials at risk? Talking to your sign maker will help you figure out what material you need in your sign, and will help it last a lot longer.

Hiring the right professional is a great way to make any business endeavor easier, and sign making is no exception. Now that you know how, are you ready to start interviewing candidates?