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4 Places Around The Yard To Install French Drains Besides The Basement

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The French drain encourages water to drain slowly and evenly into the ground, so naturally the trenches are usually cut around basement walls to dry out the underground space and prevent damage to the foundation. However, these helpful and low-tech drainage systems work surprisingly well in other spots around the yard. Control drainage and prevent erosion by using French drains in these other four spots near your home.

Garden Paths

Tired of standing in half an inch of mud while weeding your flower beds or vegetable rows? Installing French drains with flat perforated metal or plastic covers in the garden paths helps the water soak into the ground where it stays stored for the plant roots to access. It also dries out the surface without creating an open trench you can trip over while working in the garden.

If your garden keeps flooding due to too much water, you can also redirect the flow with drains around the perimeter of the garden. Take the time to watch your yard during a rainstorm to figure out where the flow goes and how to harness it to prevent puddles that drown grass and flowers.

Driveway Edges

Pavement and brick driveways keep your car cleaner, but they also gather water on the surface and cause a lot of runoff around the edges. Don't lose lawn to the flooding effect or end up with dirt washing into the street when you can handle that extra water with edge French drains. Install a drain if your driveway slopes towards the house too to prevent basement and garage flooding problems.

Patio Centers

In order to prevent water from pooling on it during a rainstorm, most patios are sloped outward with a high spot in the center to keep drops of moisture rolling smoothly away. You can also try the opposite effect if you're concerned the water running off will flow into your foundation or basement area. Slope the patio slightly towards the center from all sides, then add a French or pop-up drain in the middle that pipes the fluid out into the yard in a safer direction.

Yard Bottoms

When homeowners build their houses at a bottom of a sloped or hill lot, French drain systems are the only way to prevent flooding. You can still add these drains at the bottom spots of your land even when your home sits up safely on a hill. Spending the time and money on these drains in low-lying areas could help you reclaim valuable yard space that usually turns into a temporary bog or wetland during the rainy season.