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Maintain Your Parking Lot For Better Curb Appeal

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One of the first things your customer sees when they pull up to your business is the parking lot. A parking lot that is filled with potholes and cracks can do damage to your customer's vehicle. Your customers are not going to want to come to your business when they see that your parking lot could damage their vehicle. You also want them to see that you take pride in your company.

This will show that you will take the time necessary to ensure they are happy. When it comes to maintaining your parking lot, it doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some ways you can do it:

Proper Drainage

Standing water on your asphalt can quickly damage it. You want to make sure you have proper drainage so you don't have standing water puddles all over your lot. Most paved surfaces have a 1 inch slope minimum. This is done to ensure the water drains properly. The best way to tell where the problem is occurring is when you have wet conditions. Wherever you see a large pile of debris during dry conditions, this could also be a sign of improper draining. 

Weed Out the Cracks

A simple weed does not seem like a big deal to your parking lot, but over time it can quickly overcome it. The best way to avoid future issues with weeds in your pavement is by pulling them as you see them. It is always a good idea to walk around your parking lot weekly to check on problems that could be happening. 

Oil Stains

When you have a parking lot, you are bound to have oil stains from your customer's vehicles. This is normal, but it is not pleasant to look at. The best way to quickly combat these stains is by using a combination of baking soda and Coca Cola. This will help eliminate the stains and keep your parking lot looking good all year. 


One of the best ways to keep your parking lot in tip top shape is by sealcoating it. This should be done every 2 years to help keep it maintained. If your parking lot is getting overly used and damaged quicker, then you may want to consider having it done more often. 

Organize Your Lot

The stripes in your parking lot are essential to keeping it organized. You want to make sure your customers know what direction to drive in and what parking spaces are available. As the painted lines start to dull, you want to make sure you freshen them up. 

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