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3 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner May Be Struggling To Keep You Cool

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As the temperatures start climbing outdoors with the summer months rolling in, now more than ever you will start to pay attention to the performance of your air conditioning system. The start of the air conditioner season is always a good time to have a regular maintenance check-up to ensure that all is in good working order. Along with maintaining your air system with regular cleaning, filter changes, and needed attention from a professional, you should also do your part to make sure there is nothing in your home that is taxing the system. There could be hidden factors making the air conditioner work way too hard and keeping you covered in sweat.

1. Obstructive Plant Life Around Your Air Unit - The air conditioner unit is basically a large air filtration system that pulls in warm air from your home, dehumidifies it, and then releases the excess heat outdoors. If your air conditioning unit is overcrowded with shrubs, plants, or trees, it affects the unit's capability to release the warm air and keep the unit running cool. Make sure that you clear the area around the air conditioner to allow it room to circulate air through the system.

2. Heavy Drapes Blocking Air Flow from Vents - Heavy drapes are perfect for keeping solar rays from making their way through windows and heating the home, but they can also get you in trouble. It is common for vent registries found on the floor to be situated right up against the wall where drapes usually hang. This heavy curtain can actually trap cold air between the drapes and windows or prevent the air from ever even making it out of the vent. In the summer, keep your drapes pinned up off of the floor, making sure they do not get in the way of air flow.

3. Excess Dirt, Dust, and Pet Hair - If your home is especially dusty, or filled with pet hair, all of this contamination will make its way into your air conditioning system. It may end up clogging filters or even inside of air return registries. Either way, you should ensure that you vacuum regularly and do what you can to keep air contaminants at a minimum.

If you feel like your air conditioner is working way too hard and still not keeping the house cool, make sure there are not hidden factors around your home that could be contributing to the problem. Further, get advice from a contractor during your annual inspection to see if they can spot any reason why you are not getting sufficient cool air. For more information, contact a professional like those at Central Aire Conditioning.