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Three HVAC Alternatives To Consider For Your Air Conditioning Installation

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If you need to have AC installed in your home, you may want to have something other than conventional HVAC. There are many options that include ductless AC systems, evaporative coolers, ventilation and radiant cooling systems. Some of these systems are more practical than others, but all have their benefits for different homes. If you use radiant heating, using radiant cooling may be an option, ductless AC is an affordable alternative to central HVAC and ventilation can be used with all these systems. Here are some of the options you have for an air conditioning system that does not use conventional HVAC technology:

1. Practical And Affordable Ductless AC Systems

If you want a practical and affordable air conditioning solution for your home, ductless AC systems are a great option. They work the same way a central AC does, but do not have the ductwork. This reduces the costs of materials and labor for the installation of your air conditioning. This is a more conventional solution, and it can be more efficient than conventional central HVAC systems. You can even have a split system installed to provide air conditioning in more than one area of your home, such as a basement and main floor.

2. Home Ventilation Systems For Cooling

Ventilation is another great way to keep your home cool. This can be something as simple as a large ventilation fan that can be used with a conventional HVAC system. You can also have ventilation systems designed to circulate cooler air in your home from areas like a basement and use ventilation as an alternative to conventional air conditioning.  If you live in a warmer climate, you may want to consider combining this with at least one other source of cooling such as a ductless AC or evaporative cooler. These can help cool your home on hot day when ventilation is not enough.

3. Radiant Cooling For Homes With Radiant Heating Systems

Another option is radiant cooling, which is like radiant heating but with cold. These are usually systems with pipes mounted in the ceiling or flooring of your home. They are efficient and can be combined with an existing radiant heating system and things like geothermal heat exchangers. This is an ideal solution for new homes or if you are doing renovations to convert heating to in-floor radiant heating. Because of the costs, it may be expensive to do to an existing home.

These are some alternatives that you may want to consider for the installation of your air conditioner. If you want to have one of these systems installed in your home, contact a residential air conditioning installation service such as Southwest Air Conditioning Service Inc. and ask them about using one of the systems to keep your home cool.