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Electrical Hazards Possibly Lurking In Your Home

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Most homeowners are aware of the most common electrical dangers in their home. However, some electrical hazards go unnoticed because they are not common in every home. Finding out how you can make sure your home is safe is important. Start by learning more about your home's electrical system and how often you should check it for maintenance and repair issues.

Staying Safe By The Pool

While your pool being lit up at night is a gorgeous addition to your decor, you might consider the safety issues associated with lights in a pool. Some lights burn fine and without problems for a long while. However, when there is a problem, you or family member might not realize until someone is electrocuted upon entering the pool. Water makes a good conductor for electricity, so if one light is out in your pool, the entire pool could become electrically charged. If you have or would like lighting in your pool, be sure to discuss safety inspection schedules with a qualified electrician. Doing so could prevent serious injury or death.

Rust And Water Stains On The Electrical Panel Box

Electrical panel boxes, also referred to as breaker boxes, can be the source of serious electrical danger, especially to someone inexperienced about electricity. If you have a breaker that trips and goes off when too much power surges on it, you may be in the habit of opening the breaker box and flipping it back on. However, if the breaker box metal panel is wet, you could be in for an unpleasant shock. Always look for signs that water has gotten to your electrical panel box. If you see rust or stains left behind from running water on the front of the metal panel door, looking for the source of water is important before accessing the breaker box. Some home construction places water pipes above electrical boxes. When water is cold in pipes, the condensation created on the outside of the pipes drips onto anything below them. Avoid making repairs on or replacing a breaker box if it has evidence of water damage and/or is located beneath plumbing. Contacting a professional electrician about relocating your electrical panel box is best if it is near to anything that could cause it to become a safety hazard.

Ensuring home is safe for you and your family can be a huge responsibility, especially when it comes to electricity. Being aware of every electrical danger in your home is extremely important, even those hazards that are not so obvious. Having your home's complete electrical system inspected for safe working conditions is smart and could be the step you take that saves your home and the lives of you and your family. Contact an electrician like RDS Electric for more information.