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4 Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Be Blowing Warm Air

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In the summer, nothing feels better than walking into your cool air conditioned home. If something goes wrong with your air conditioner, it can be extremely uncomfortable, especially if it is blowing warm air. Here are three reasons that your air conditioner may be blowing warm air, and some things you may be able to do to fix the problem.

The Thermostat

One of the simplest solutions to your warm air problem is often the most overlooked solution. Your thermostat may just be set incorrectly. Perhaps someone accidentally turned it to the heat setting, for instance. If not that, make sure that the setting is turned to auto. When the setting is in the on position, the blower is constantly working, even when it's not cooling; that may result in warmer air overall.

Electrical Service

Another reason that your air conditioner may be blowing warm air is that while the inside components of the system are working, the outside HVAC unit may not be. Check your circuit breaker to make sure that electrical service is reaching the unit.

The Filter

If the airflow seems particularly weak, it may just be that your filter is clogged. This is likely if you aren't regularly checking the filter to make sure that they are clear. If you do look and the filter is clogged, take an old toothbrush or another bristle brush, and gently brush the dust and other debris off of the filter. When you put the filter back, make sure it is facing the same direction it was when you took it out. 

Eventually, a dirty filter can cause a dirty evaporator coil. That can also cause your air conditioner to work incorrectly and blow out warm air.

The Compressor

Outside, you need to look at your HVAC unit to make sure that the compressor is not obstructed by leaves, branches and other debris. If you do find debris that is causing the compressor to stop blowing properly, turn off power to the HVAC unit and gently remove twigs and other things in the way.

The information is this article should help you better understand what may be wrong with your air conditioner, and why your air is warm instead of cool. Use the tips above to investigate, and see if you can resolve the problem yourself. If you need help, or are unable to figure out what is going wrong, get in touch with a local HVAC contractor such as Now Heating & Air who can diagnose the problem and complete any needed repairs.