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Installing The Right Fence To Keep Deer Out Of Your Yard

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Deer are exciting to watch from a distance, but you don't want them getting too comfortable in your yard. They will destroy your garden and leave ticks that pose a health risk to your family and your pets. There are many ways you can attempt to keep deer out of your yard, but the right fence will prove to be one of the better routes you can go. You'll find information in this article on some of the best ways to fence your yard in order to keep it protected from deer.

Wood fencing

Many people have good luck having a wood fence installed around their yard. Deer will be a bit more apprehensive about jumping a wood fence they can't see through because they won't know what's on the other side. You can further increase the chances of your wood fence deterring deer by spraying the border of the fence with a repellent. This will lead them to believe a predator may be on the other side of the fence.

8 foot chain link fencing

Deer can jump extremely high and a 6 foot fence will be of no use when it comes to keeping the deer out of your yard. An 8 foot chain link fence will be your best bet for keeping them from jumping over into your yard. However, keep in mind that a very determined, large deer may still be able to clear 8 feet.

A fence around a fence

The best way for you to keep the deer from getting in your yard is to have two fences installed. The fence directly around your yard can be anywhere from 6 to 8 feet in height. You will also need another fence installed around the outside of that fence, about 3 feet from the taller fence. The outer fence can be shorter; a 3 foot fence would even do the job.

When the deer see the double fencing they won't attempt to jump the fences. They will realize they will get caught between the fences and not have enough maneuvering room to make the second jump. If they do attempt to make the jump they will need to return back over the shorter fence. This method is the best way for you to know that the deer won't attempt to come into your yard.

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