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Helping Your Dehumidifiers Work More Efficiently

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As a general rule, everyone accepts that basements are musty and moist places. However, they really do not need to be. You can control the amount of moisture in your basement and even banish it altogether, if you really want to. Start with a dehumidifier or two, especially if your basement is really large. To help them run more efficiently, you can do the following.

Drain Hoses and Exit Plugs

Most dehumidifiers arrive with a drainage hose. Attach this to the collection tank and place your dehumidifier close to a floor drain in your basement. If your dehumidifiers are constantly draining into the sewer system, then they will not shut off when the tank becomes too full or keep running even though the full tank should signal it to stop. The same holds true for any dehumidifiers that have an exit plug or a place on the collection tank you can puncture for drainage. Make sure these areas are kept free of mold and/or debris and your dehumidifiers will run only when they need to and run more efficiently because they can drain.

Basement Waterproofing

Hiring a contractor to waterproof your basement is another way to help your dehumidifiers run effectively and efficiently. The contractor can seal any cracks in the basement walls, barring even the tiniest of water drips from forcing your dehumidifiers to work harder. Sealed walls and foundation means your basement will already be drier, and then your dehumidifiers will only have to work hard when humid air exits the air vents and enters the basement.

Keeping the Machines Dust-Free and Clean

Some models of dehumidifiers have air filters that filter out dust and microorganisms from the damp air. Keeping these clean means that your machines will use less energy and will be more cost effective. Wash the filters at least once a week, on or around the same time to check the collection tanks to make sure they are emptying.

Finally, Do Not Put Your Dehumidifiers Near the Furnace

Heat motivates water to evaporate. Dehumidifiers collect evaporated water from the air, turn it back into a liquid and expel it into the collection tank. If you place your dehumidifiers too close to the furnace, you are causing the excess dampness in the air! Then your machines have to work twice as hard to take the humidity out of the air because they are constantly forced to cycle back through what they previously took from the surrounding air. Do yourself a favor and place the dehumidifiers at least eight feet or more away from the furnace.

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